IC Elementary School

The Elementary School consists of Kindergarten through Grade 6. The Elementary School was founded in 1936, in Hamtramck, and has moved to its current location on Westbrook Avenue, Warren, Michigan, in 1984. Its focus is on preparing students for the rigorous academic standards established for the IC Schools Academy. The schools are under the special patronage of Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin, in Her particular priviledge of the Immaculate Conception.

Immaculate Conception Elementary School is focused on promoting the Judeo-Christian values of living and sharing, social awareness and the realization of the personal worth abd dignity of each individual student.

Special programs have been developed to oiffer students religion and language courses reflective of Ukrainian Catholicism and heritage.  The primary focus is to promote the development of each student's intellectual, sprititual, social, emotional and physical capabilities.