IC Schools Objectives




Immaculate Conception Catholic Schools provide students with academic excellence, instruction in the Byzantine Catholic faith and Ukrainian language, history and culture. 




Immaculate Conception Catholic Schools envision our students achieving personal success and spiritual growth through active participation in the Catholic Faith and appreciation for their heritage. 





We strive to instill in our students a love of God, respect for their heritage and a thirst for knowledge. We provide our students with the highest academic education and a thorough instruction in the Catholic faith. We offer the opportunity for a firm base in Ukrainian language, history and culture. 

The school is under the special patronage of Our Lady the Blessed Virgin, in Her particular privilege of the Immaculate Conception



Spiritual Direction


Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School is a private co-educational school directed by the religious order of Saint Basil the Great. The priests from both Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church and St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church are available for both group and individual guidance for the students.



Administration and School Board


Ultimate authority for the school is vested in the pastors of the Immaculate Conception and the St. Josaphat Churches with the School Board serving in an advisory capacity. The principal is responsible for the review and formulation of policies relevant to the academic program and all aspects of the educational process in consultation with her staff and faculty. The principal reports to the pastor administrator.