We look forward to partnering with you this year so that together we can give your child an enjoyable and unforgettable school experience! Below you will find some helpful information.Please remember, if you have any questions you can always refer to your Preschool Handbook or feel free to send a note to your child's teacher. A digital copy of the handbook is available here.



Each day a child will be absent on a scheduled day, parents must call the school by 9:00 am.

After a contagious illness, clearance from a doctor is required for re-admittance to class. If a child shows signs of illness before leaving for school, it is wise to keep him home. This will avoid exposure to the other children and staff, and will reduce instances of a child becoming ill in the classroom. Please see the Health Care Plan and Polices section in your Preschool Handbook.


To be excused earlier than the regular dismissal time, the child must present a note from the parent in the morning. The parent will sign the child out for early dismissal when leaving. If an adult other than a parent will be picking up the child at dismissal, written notification must be given to the teacher in the morning and that adult will need to sign the child out also. 

Please see the Preschool Forms page to find the Student Dismissal Form if you need to add any other previously unlisted family friends or guardians with whom your child will be going home with frequently.


After-School Care:


The operation of after school care requires that the program be self-sustainingA minimum attendance is required of three (3) students per day. Therefore, to ensure operation, the availability of after school care may be limited to only those days where the required enrollment is met. Parents will be notified about the availability of after school care.

Children who are not picked up at dismissal at 3:10 pm may stay in the after school care program from 3:10 pm until 5:00 pm. Parents will be billed at the end of a month by letter from the office.       


·Students who are picked up by 3:20 pm will not be charged.

·Students who stay any time after 3:20 pm until 5:00 pm will be charged $6.00.

·Students who are picked up after 5:00 pm will be charged an evening fee of $3.00 for any time until 5:15 pm and an additional $3.00 for any time over each additional 15 minute interval.


Late Policy:


We understand that emergencies are unavoidable, but when after school is not available parents who experience repeated instances where they are late picking uptheir child may be charged a late fee. If you know you are going to be late for a specific reason, please contact the front office.