Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO is a support network for the Elementary School and Academy at Immaculate Conception Catholic Schools. The PTO’s objectives are to promote the well being and enhance the education of IC students. PTO by-laws require that regular meetings be held in September, January, and May. These meetings will be held on a weeknight at the school, and you will receive advanced notice of the dates, times, and topics for discussion as that information becomes available.

The PTO involves parents in organizing social activities and events for the students at Immaculate Conception. The PTO sponsors a number of fundraising events during the school year to assist with the substantial operating expenses of the school. Your active participation in these events is valued, and we ask that you be generous in volunteering whenever possible.

The PTO collects annual dues of $10 per family. These funds are used to purchase supplies and for administrative expenses. Dues-paying PTO members are entitled to vote on all PTO issues raised at general meetings and in PTO elections.


Please volunteer for the PTO, our efforts are in the best interest of our students and your children! Contact our PTO president or schools' administration for how you can make the difference.

How does the Info Pouch system convey information to parents?

The “Info Pouch” is the primary means of conveying important information to the parents of IC students. The school and school-affiliated organizations send home a pouch for each family every Friday. Parents are to return the Info Pouch the following Monday. Please place all paperwork returned to school in separate envelopes, each clearly marked with the topic or person addressed (i.e., “Hot Lunch Order and Payment for September” or “PTO”). 

The pouches will contain information regarding meetings, fundraising events, hot lunch order forms, tuition credit hour opportunities, and other important topics. If you have any questions or would like to contact a PTO Board member, a chairperson of an event or a fundraiser, a teacher, or an administration official, you may use the Info Pouch. Please contact the PTO if you would like to distribute information in the pouches or volunteer to help fill the pouches on Thursday afternoons. The success of the PTO depends on all of us, please volunteer when you can even if you've met the volunteer hour requirement.

Tuition Credit Hours Obligation

Each family must elect one of two methods to fulfill the tuition credit hours obligation for each school year. Every family must either pay five hundred dollars ($500) or work 35 hours at school events or fundraisers. The PTO will track the hours worked by each family, and only PTO Board members will be allowed to sign the volunteer forms. Parents also are required to keep one part of the form to verify the volunteer credit hours in case of a discrepancy. The PTO sponsors events throughout the school year that will provide opportunities to fulfill the volunteer requirement. Your Info Pouch will contain flyers and notices for future “Credit Hour Opportunities.”